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Lou Reed in a Lou Reed t-shirt at The Bottom Line, NYC, May 1978, by Sheri Lynn Behr, via

Lou, Red, 1972, by @therealmickrock

Lou Reed, by Mick Rock

Smilin’ Lou Reed and his Epiphone Riviera

Lou Reed in front of The Avon 7 Cinema, Seventh Avenue, NYC, my edit of original via Lou’s Facebook page

Lou Reed, “Sister Ray”, by Dave Stewart

Lou Reed by Dustin Pitman, via pleasekillme

Take it from yer ol’ Uncle Lou: punk ain’t a costume. It’s character. Pastels will do just fine. (Steve Emberton photo)

Smilin’ Lou Reed at New York punk mecca Max’s Kansas City, 1970, by Leee Black Childers.


Sweet Lou