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George Harrison pays a visit to Bob Dylan, Sar…

George Harrison pays a visit to Bob Dylan, Sara and the kids in Woodstock, 1968

inthebeatleslife: John Lennon and Paul McCartn…


John Lennon and Paul McCartney performing at Shea Stadium, 1965


Both @callmethehunter and @silveraspen@silveraspensart tagged me on this, so here we go.

The challenge: 

List the first 10 songs that come up on a shuffle (no skipping) and quote your favorite lyrics of each song then tag 10 people.

My reaction: Wha…? LOL I use Spotify for virtually all my listening, so I have jillions of songs in my library, many of which I’ve never heard, MANY of which I don’t like, and hardly any of which do I like for their lyrics at all. LOL Lyrics are pretty far down my list, actually, well behind hooks, beats, feedback (omg, I love feedback), and general vibe. 

So this is mostly gonna show you what a mess my library looks like, which is fine. Never let it be said that I won’t humiliate myself for my mutuals.

Since some of this is obscure, I’ve included some YouTube clips (tumblr will only let me include 5), with links to the rest.

  • “Wait in the Car”, The Breeders, All Nerve (Commentary, because you know I gotta comment: Hooray! A favorite! And I love the lyric!

Good morning
Consider I
Always struggle with the right word
Meow meow meowmeow meow

(God bless Kim Deal, still bringing the pain as hard as ever at age 57. THAT’S RIGHT, I SAID 57. The version on my list is of course the one from their album, but they recently played this on Conan a coupla months ago, and it slayed. Twin-sister Kelley still bringing the lead guitar pain, too!)

  • The 15th”,  Wire, 154 (One of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands – I have every album, comp, and live album since 1977, something like 40 in all, and they’re still making great new music, which I find super-inspiring….but I couldn’t tell you anything intelligent about the lyrics of this. I LOVE IT THOUGH, and the chorus is catchy, goes a little something like this🙂

Providing, deciding, it was soon there
Squared to it, faced to it, it was not there

(Like I said, the lyrics are not why I love this song, and I do love this song. I’ll tell y’all more about Wire sometime, but they’re also all over my Instagram from when I saw them in 2017, along with my pets, random food, and flowers.)

  • “Deeper Into Movies”, Yo La Tengo, I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One (Total desert island disk for me, from 1997, delighted to have it pulled up after not listening to it for years. If you can understand the lyrics, you’re sharper than I am, but this is what the ending SOUNDS LIKE TO ME)

Every day the restlessness takes over me
I can see it as I’m closing my eyes
I’ve been sending signals into outer space
They spiral like a fire in the sky

(btw, the best feedback of any song on this list, and one of the great squalls of feedback ever laid to wax. I adore this.)

  • Owe It To The Girls, Locate S,1 Healing Contest. (Yay! Another 2018 fave! Mostly for the sound, which is a towering orchestra of awesomeness from the Of Montreal school of melodic chaos, but a sharp retort to a fella that I hope is now her ex, plus this line slays me:)

been a silent wheel of my own destruction

  • “Break the Glass”, Superchunk, What A Time To Be Alive. (I don’t remember even putting this in my library. I like Superchunk, and think that this is one of the best songs on one of their best albums, but, uhm, I’ve heard this twice. I don’t have a favorite anything about it yet. LOL Sounds nice
  • “Paperback Writer,” The Beatles (The lyrics to this do nothing for me. This song is all about the opening riff, the drums, and the outro, where they sing in falsetto  “Paaaaaaperback wriiiiiiiiiter” followed by an almost  spoken “Paperback writer”. For the record, I’ve listened to The Beatles every day of my life since 1964. This ain’t in their top half, I don’t think, but hey, we’re on shuffle, and this is what we get.)
  • “Astral Plane”, The Modern Lovers. (I DON’T LIKE THIS SONG. It’s an insanely catchy riff, and I adore other songs on this record, but I feel like some neckbeard incel is gonna slaughter a bunch of women and is gonna leave this song right beside his suicide note. Not that Jonathan Richman of The Modern Lovers his ownself is anything like that. He’s an adorable peach. But this one makes me squirm. I dunno, maybe you’ll listen to it, tell me to calm down. Or maybe you’ll encourage me to delete it from my library, which is my current inclination.

I’m gonna meet you on the
astral plane
The astral plane for dark at night
The astral plane or I’ll go insane

  • “Come Around”, Sugar, Beaster (I love Sugar, the early 90s project of Bob Mould, and I also love everything he’s done before – notably Husker Du – and since, including his 3 most recent records in the past few years, but as far as I can tell, the only words in this song are “Come around/ You come around” repeated
    for 5 minutes over an ungodly swirling shoegazey riff….BUT THA RIFF HOLY MOTHER OF SHIT! I saw Bob in concert in 2015, and I think he jammed on this for like 10 minutes. I wish it had been longer.

  • “Hunt Again”, Mission of Burma, Forget. (Wow, a back of the rack favorite that I haven’t listened to since probably 2002, when these Godz of early 80s Boston postpunk got together for a reunion tour and a couple of subsequent albums that were in fact even better than their first incarnation. I LOVE this song, which dates back to aforementioned first incarnation, but more for its urgency than its specificity. It actually DOES have murder in it, and I’m going to pretend it’s a song about a literal snake, which is awesome. I love snakes. Have had a couple for pets. Snakes are awesome. THIS IS ABOUT AN ACTUAL SNAKE RIGHT jfc i hope so)

I am a snake
And I will resume
My contours
Then I’ll hunt again
There really is no choice


I’m sure you’ve noticed when you hit “Shuffle” that it’s never truly random, and I think with Spotify, probably even less random than THAT. There are definitely some tracks here that I’ve had in super-high rotation lately (especially The Breeders and Locate S,1), but it was a pleasant surprise to see some old favorites that I haven’t played for years, and weirdly distressing to see some stuff I don’t like….

….but hey, like I said, always glad to humiliate myself for y’all. LOL

The last time I tagged some folks for one of these challenges, not one of ‘em followed up, although two were nice enough to tell me, “sorry son, never gonna happen” LOL which I think is also awesome. I do hope that some of you will feel inspired to take up the challenge yourself, to show us what’s REALLY in your library! Feel free to tag me too!

And kidding aside, thanks again to @callmethehunter and

@silveraspen​ / @silveraspensart

for their continued generous support of my nonsense, and their interest in my weird mess of a life.

John Lennon, NYC 1974

John Lennon, NYC 1974

gilmourguitarinhouse:IT’S JUST TOO SMOOTH AND …



Practice makes perfect

smallmccartney: “It was a bright, crisp autumn…


“It was a bright, crisp autumn day and John finally got to wear his Irish knit cable sweater, which he loved. As he hiked up this mountain path with Richard [Ross]’s two dogs, I yelled out to him and, when he turned around, I snapped this photo.”
— May Pang

Photos scanned from Instamatic Karma, taken by May Pang



Always amazed by George Harrison on The Beatle…

Always amazed by George Harrison on The Beatles’ Mad Day Out, June 28, 1968, by Tom Murray

“When I met Yoko and fell in love, I was just …

“When I met Yoko and fell in love, I was just experiencing that thing knowing that ‘My God!’ this is different from anything before this is something other you know, this is well, I don’t know what it is, but this is fine. This is ‘Thank you, thank you, you know.’ It’s more than a hit record. It’s more than gold,. It’s more than everything it’s more than. This is something indescribable!’ ~ John Lennon, 1980 (via freshindependence)

The Beatles: John Lennon and George Harrison w…

The Beatles: John Lennon and George Harrison working on the promo videos for “Paperback Writer” and “Rain”, May 19, 1966, by Robert Whitaker