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Lou Reed in a Lou Reed t-shirt at The Bottom Line, NYC, May 1978, by Sheri Lynn Behr, via

Stevie Nicks wearing a Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Damn the Torpedoes t-shirt!!!! via Bellaillume

Led Zeppelin ALL DONE. (Except Jonesy. Jonesy still rarin’ to go.)

Marc Bolan wearing his Chuck Berry t-shirt


Robert Plant with his Jimmy Page t-shirt.

Found one more!

John Lennon bringing out the guns at Sunset Sound’s Studio 2, from the documentary Imagine: John Lennon (1988). 

Mick Jagger, Los Angeles 1972, by Jim Marshall. “When they came to Sunset Sound in Los Angeles to overdub vocals and guitar for Exile on Main Street I was in the studio with them for about a week. I made Mick get up early one morning to take some posed shots. I waited 3 hours for him to get up and he didn’t look too happy about it.” [photo source] [caption source]


I’m a Dark Horse…


Freddie Mercury, 1976, via queenphotos

I can’t believe that I just NOW noticed that Freddie is wearing a CUB SCOUTS T-SHIRT


Because Kate Bush and a top hat, that’s why