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hello! I’m currently trying to plot a story though i NEED someone to help me brainstorm with some idea’s because I’m kinda stuck

if you like to help out don’t be shy just PM me 🙂

last notice before deleting this

hello everyone! this will be my very last post on this blog. Isn’t that crazy? it is for me. This blog exists since october 14th 2014 so that’s almost 4 years… damn how the time flies. since then I’ve posted 5008 posts including this one, acquired 110.7K followers and spend hours scrolling through my feed. However all good things come to an end. I’ve decided to delete this blog because I need something new, something that fits my new life within my new school with new friends and this blog doesn’t fit that anymore. I haven’t seriously been posting aesthetically pleasing punk inspired posts in forever simply because I didn’t feel the need to anymore. don’t get me wrong I’ve put a lot of love into this blog and I will miss it (and probably regret deleting it for a while) there is a bright side to this story though! I have created a new blog which won’t be themed specifically like this one. it will be just me reblogging stuff I like and maybe post some original stuff when I feel like it. If you wish you could follow it, it’s @madnesswithinmymind 

thanks to everyone who has been with me from the beginning and to everyone who has tagged on along the way. it’s been a pleasure. 

– Christy


Things I’ve done in high school trying to cope with loneliness

keep in mind when reading this that I’m not proud of any of this and I’m just trying to close that chapter in my life while entering a new one, just as scary.

• I ate lunch in toilet stalls sometimes

• I avoided contact with people

• I refused to talk about it with my parents

• I acted out towards teachers

• I stopped making homework

• I tried to rebel with my looks

• I cried almost every night

• I wondered who’d care if I were dead (this is a long time ago so please note I’m not suicidal)

• I barely slept hoping I could stay home

• I faked fevers and faked throwing up

• I stayed in my room whenever I could

so I’m writing this as I said I want to close a chapter which all of the things above are a part of. obviously high school wasn’t all hell and I had brief moments of joy as well. Though creating this blog is a result of me being in a bad mental state years ago and I’m thinking about deleting it. just to let you know.

– Christy


school is going to be tough!

I recieved my schedule and with that and the commute I have to make I’m sure I won’t survive! I even got days I won’t even make it home before 8PM (remind you I’m not in uni or whatever) Send help!!!!

(just a quick piece of something that keeps my mine occupied)

– Christy


December by Neck Deep


editor needed!

so wattpad had this great idea to move their clubs to god knows where and it’s super confusing. therefore, I’m looking for someone who wants to edit my story here. a few things you must know if you’d like to help: my first language isn’t english and that is why I’m looking for a editor, there won’t be a deadline all the time as I won’t have one for writing either, if you for whatever reason have to quit helping me please tell me so I have time to find someone else.

if you have any questions or if you’re curious about the position please message me 🙂

– Christy

glimmer twins lockscreen / homescreen ♫ like /…

glimmer twins lockscreen / homescreen
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What Did You Expect? by Neck Deep

What Did You Expect? by Neck Deep


books to read

now I’ve got time to read I really want to do so and I’m looking for things to read. today I started out with the game of thrones books which I totally love. other books I’ve got on my list are the Percy Jackson series, most books from John green, love simon and stephen king among others

does anyone have other suggestions? I’d love to know! thanks (I’m not looking for specific grenres)


Marshall mids

does anyone use the Marshall mid bluetooth headphones? I’m looking for bluetooth headphones and it’s quiet hard to find some good ones that arent like 300 bucks so I’m wondering if the Marshalls are any good. let me know!