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Daddy Lion, 1993, my edit of original via 

Daddy Lion, 1993, my edit of original via 

This might be Santa Barbara, October 15 (see others from that show here), but we all know that our boy likes to work his favorite outfits





Burst of energy.

Led Zeppelin in Lyon, France-Palais De Sports, March 26th, 1973. (I’m pretty sure that this is flipped, but still a breathtaking pic!) Not a lot of photos from this show floating around, but here’s one more:



Yea I thought that might get your attention

I love you guys and our classic rock community but I’m finding it hard to get into Instagram as an alternative to Tumblr. I can’t make posts the way I’d like to. Instagram is just a different platform better suited for other kinds of socializing. So it’s not that I’m ignoring you, it’s just that I’m probably not gonna be on it as much as I’m gonna be here.

I love my tumblr and I am staying positive that they will find solutions to the glitches in the filters.

As for me I’m staying the course. And if needed I’ll go down with the ship. Hope you do the same ✌🏽

I love Instagram for the things it’s meant to do – share pictures directly from your camera roll in a square-ish format that’s designed around the shape of camera sensors – but this photo is exactly why Instagram is THE WORST POSSIBLE tumblr alternative.

This glorious image is vertical. Tumblr LOVES vertical images. Instagram hates them. To post this on IG, you’d have to lose everything below his male-presenting nipples! 

Sure, his head and shoulders is wonderful, but talk about missing the, uhm, point. LOL None of that long lean torso, no tummy fuzz, no hip bones, no v, no bulge, no hands (and his hands in this shot are AMAZING) – it’d be a tragedy I tell you, A TRAGEDY.

Plus Instagram brutalizes the quality of posts, doesn’t allow reblogs except with third-party apps that put ads for themselves on top of the pictures, doesn’t allow links to sources, etc. etc. For what we do on tumblr, it’s a pathetic substitute. It just doesn’t work.

BUT…I LOVE  connecting with tumblr peeps on Instagram, where we can share additional dimensions of our lives beyond our fandoms. Even for people who want to be private and keep their names, faces, and locations off Instagram, there’s pictures of pets and food and flowers and travels and concerts and so much more. 

I’d really love to connect with everyone there who wants to – metropolitim is my name on both Instagram and Spotify (let’s be mutuals there too!) – but the LAST thing I’m looking for on IG is a pile of truncated, degraded pictures that are already on tumblr in their full-length, much higher-quality, rebloggable glory. 

Let Instagram be what Instagram is good at – square pictures straight from your camera, at whatever degree of personal specificity you feel comfortable sharing – and let tumblr be what tumblr is good at, which is the care and feeding of a community of fandom. If we’re going to really take care of each other, this is the place.

(And yes, I’m another tumblr senior here to tell you, the current nonsense is only like the 5th most annoying thing I’ve been through here. Stay calm, hit the Review link on your flagged posts, and keep ‘em coming!)

So @callmethehunter, thanks for this mouth-watering reminder of what makes tumblr so wonderful!

Robert Plant, Oakland, July 24, 1977, by John …

Robert Plant, Oakland, July 24, 1977, by John C. Maginnis. No, not the iconic Nurse shirt of the day before, but I think the Plain White T looks mighty, mighty fine too.

callmethehunter‌:Duckface of the Gods as @sou…


Duckface of the Gods as @soundsof71 calls it

Because he’s the Golden God making a duckface. Lots of people did this, of course, and still do, but he and Jimmy are the only ones who made it look cool.


Led Zeppelin: Glowing blue and gold Jimbert, b…

Led Zeppelin: Glowing blue and gold Jimbert, by Bob Gruen

Robert Plant, slyly, yet entirely, golden, god…

Robert Plant, slyly, yet entirely, golden, godly

firethatgrewsolow: out-on-the-zeppelin: Robert…



Robert Plant at the LA forum, Inglewood, California. May 31, 1973.

Jonesy looks like your best friend’s seedy uncle that your mom said to stay away from.  Robert is Princess Percy as usual.  Here’s a link to a snippet of vid from that night.  It’s not super clear, but I’ll take what I can get. 

waywaydowninside: Robert Plant, Carousel Thea…


Robert Plant, Carousel Theater, Framingham, MA, 1969.

Photo © Donna Paula.


tremble-and-shake: soundsof71: Jimbert 77, C…



Jimbert 77, Coast to Coast: Madison Square Garden by Bob Gruen, and The Forum by Neal Preston, in that order. 

I say “in that order” because I’m not sure how to use the words “top” and “bottom” in the context of Jimbert. Pairing these two photos definitely put some new thoughts in my head, though….

Reblogging for the top and bottom comments.