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Elton John, Marc Bolan, and Ringo Starr, December 15, 1973



“Up to me arsehole in bleedin’ Beatles!” Mad Day Out, July 28, 1968, by Don McCullin

John Lennon and Ringo Starr’s last photo together, at The Dakota on May 29, 1979, via johnlennofficial.  

Ringo saw John one more time in 1980. As he told Barbara Walters in 1981, “I saw him on the 15th November. I was staying at The Plaza. We went over to New York for a while. And I hadn’t seen him for a while because, you know, we see each other wherever we are. And he came over with Yoko and we had such a great time because they stayed five hours. And it didn’t matter that it was a year between we didn’t see each other, it was always fine when we did, but it was a particularly great time that we, that I had, anyway… Oh, man, they were happy. They were two people in one.”

Ringo bangin’ in Detroit, September 6, 1964

The Beatles press conference in Washington, DC, August 15, 1966, my edit of original via bobbygrossman


Beatles indian flower garlands appreciation post, India 1968


Beach boys! The Beatles in the Bahamas filming Help! March 1965, via imdb. Paul barefoot again + George’s mandals with black socks.

The Beatles for the Sgt. Pepper album launch