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Marshall mids

does anyone use the Marshall mid bluetooth headphones? I’m looking for bluetooth headphones and it’s quiet hard to find some good ones that arent like 300 bucks so I’m wondering if the Marshalls are any good. let me know!


texting friends

anyone interested in becoming texting friends? ive got a lot of time on my hands now and I’d love to make some friends 🙂 please pm if youre interested

– Christy

“I don’t mind if my skull ends up …

“I don’t mind if my skull ends up on a shelf as long as it’s got my name on it.” ~ Debbie Harry by Henry Diltz, 1977, via blondieofficial


Anyone want a friend?

so after graduation in a couple of weeks I’ll have a lot of time on my hands and I would love a nice friend. I don’t bite I swear!

If you want to get to know me or be my friend just message me 🙂

– Christy


remeber the days you had kik because tumblr didn’t have a message service?

Pete Townshend, The Who, Monterey Pop 1967, by…

Pete Townshend, The Who, Monterey Pop 1967, by Elaine Mayes. “When the Who started smashing their instruments and releasing fog all over the stage the audience was incredulous. We had never seen smashing as aesthetics. It seemed wasteful and felt scary.”

so it is

so it is

groupiesoutrageously: I decided to make somet…


I decided to make something for Robert: a hand-embroidered vest of purple felt. I put his initials on each side surrounded by rhinestones, and sewed each sequin one by one, then embroidered Alice in Wonderland holding a bottle with “DRINK ME” on one side, which was my little alter ego. On the other side was a lion, of course. On the back I embroidered the Cheshire cat in a lemon tree – because “The Lemon Song” had just come out. I gave it to you [Pamela Des Barres] to give Robert because you were going on the road with the band. You brought me a letter from Robert that said, Dear Alice, My face is too creased from the smile to say much. I’m writing from my place amongst the branches.He went on to say how much he loved the vest, and signed it “Cheshire Cat.” He wore that vest at every single concert for that entire tour. I think he wore it until it fell off his back.

Michele Overman, Let’s Spend The Night Together: Backstage secters of Rock Muses and Supergroupies.

“The Lemon Song” was 1969 of course, and the two photos on the left are from the Music Disc & Echo Awards, Feb. 14, 1971. He definitely got some mileage out of this!

Laura Nyro, New York City. I just knew that, i…

Laura Nyro, New York City. I just knew that, in life, music was the language that I wanted to speak. I was very drawn to the arts because I perceived something divine happening there. 

I think that in music there’s a oneness, there’s a sweetness. Or there can be. What I call music, anyway, the music I like. I go to it for that oneness and that sweetness. If you look at the world, there’s so much separation. It’s all polarities, wars. But to sense a oneness and a sweetness, I mean, that was it. That was the ultimate. The best thing in life. ~ via performingsongwriter 

(This whole interview is gold, btw. If you’ve been wondering why people keep talking about her, this is a great place to start.)




Robert in Japan

Or, a study in pastels. 😁

And here’s a few more from that day:

Robert towers over the crowd of fans

And then he’s down on the ground with Jimmy!

Led Zeppelin visiting Hiroshima Peace Park, August 27, 1971, by Koh Hasebe. As he remembers, “They wanted to see the Atomic Dome, but otherwise they were in Japan to party. They just wanted to do shows and hang out. They would bring loads of chicks back to their rooms. They got down to business when they performed though. Who knows what they were up to back stage, but their concerts were tight.“