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apvxoxo: Sweet jesus.. Long Beach 1975, I thin…


Sweet jesus..

Long Beach 1975, I think, although we can be certain about the long legs, long hair, and

luvejimmy:One day in Robert Plants life March …


One day in Robert Plants life

March 1, 1973 at the notorious Copenhagen art gallery press event, by Jorgen Angel.

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Jimmy Page

Doubleneck Black Dragon!

Bonzo being Bonzo

Bonzo being Bonzo

superseventies: Robert Plant with daughter Car…


Robert Plant with daughter Carmen.

myledzeppelin: Led Zeppelin performing live on…


Led Zeppelin performing live on stage at KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark. May 3, 1971.

Led Zeppelin: Jimmy Page, Los Angeles 1972

Led Zeppelin: Jimmy Page, Los Angeles 1972

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Cool!  New one for me.  My guess is Italy.  It’s so strange to see him in an establishment like this with everyone in suits and professional attire.  It almost looks staged or photoshopped, although I know it’s not.  I wonder what those people thought about Robert sitting at the bar.  Did they whisper or make comments?  Maybe they just ignored him.  The image kind of brings home how the boys felt ostracized at times, especially in the American south.  I think it’s a fascinating pic.

This is indeed Italy 1971! July 5, at Milan’s Sonesta Hotel, before the shit (and teargas!) hit the fan at the show that night. From

An even nicer shot of the shirt at the press conference in the hotel, here:

@firethatgrewsolow​, it turns out that you recently posted another set with this shirt, from later that year at Ipswich (added one of those here for reference):

Are there others? These are the only two dates with it I’m aware of right now, and unlike Ipswich, Robert didn’t wear this onstage at Milan. 

I think you’re also right about how isolated Robert was in that picture.

It’s easy (and fun) to focus on the manic energy around the tours, but there’s no question that the road took a heavy toll.

There were times when the loneliness grated on them all, but Bonzo and Robert most heavily as time went on. 

It got Bonzo in trouble more than once, and I think Robert’s increasing sense of isolation within the band would have led him to leave eventually, even if Bonzo had survived (although perhaps not as quickly if Karac had). 

A story for another day, but this shirt and Milan are colorful reminders that the Led Zeppelin story was always a complicated one!

Misty Mountain Hop!

Misty Mountain Hop!

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Jimmy and Robert w Phil May. Can someone fill in the blanks?  I’m thinking 74?  @soundsof71 i’m not looking at you. 😀

Yes, 1974! The Pretty Things (for whom Phil was the lead vocalist) were among the first groups signed to Led Zeppelin’s Swan Song label (Bad Company, Dave Edmunds, and Maggie Bell were some others), and TPT’s Silk Torpedo was the first UK release on the label that October. 

There were three major Swan Song launch parties that year, too, in New York (May 7 – I’ve previously posted some Bob Gruen photos of Robert in his room at the Four Seasons getting ready for that event) and Los Angeles (May 10), as well as Halloween at Chiselhurst Caves in Kent to celebrate both Swan Song in general and Silk Torpedo in particular.

(It being Halloween, the invitation opened with an invocation of Alistair Crowley of course! More details, but no pictures alas, here.)

There are precious few pictures of ANY of these parties, but enough for me to rule out New York, and probably rule out Kent. (You might think that that’d be the one party that Phil wouldn’t miss – the launch of his new album on his new label + Led Zeppelin and Peter Grant were his actual bosses – but he was notorious for not showing up to important dates, which led to the band firing him soon after the album was launched.)

Anyway, I’m not positive that this was actually ANY of those three parties, but Phil and the boys spent a good bit of 1974 in each other’s company. While they’d known each other since the 60s, I’m not aware of any photos of them together before or after this year. 

So while I can’t quite bring this one in for a landing, perhaps this offers enough clues for one of you to fill in the rest….

I love how obsessed we all are with the details of Led Zeppelin history. This, after all, is life-affirming shit. At least for me. 😊❤

Ahh, it is, isn’t it!  Love this stuff.  So I’m thinking that the pic is from the LA Swan Song party.  Here’s Robert:


Jimmy’s outfit doesn’t match some of the other pics from the night, but he could have changed.  The evidence definitely points to LA.  So fun to put the pieces together. 🙂 Thank you @soundsof71 for your take on it!

@firethatgrewsolow, I think you nailed it – I think it’s LA, and I think it’s the SAME outfit! It’s not easy to see because both photos are pretty janky, and the tinting is different, but look closely at the lapel of his jacket. Both are shiny, and both cut in sharply about midway down his torso – very high style, not at all common. 

In fact, I found another photo from the event that shows it’s DEFINITELY the same jacket. It also shows more plainly what I thought I saw in your 2nd LA photo, that Robert is standing next to The Monkees’ Mickey Dolenz. (Actor Lloyd Bridges is at the far left, too, although it’s only Mickey that I have this great photo for.)

This photo also shows more clearly Rob’s bare chest and beads, carrying all the way back to your original photo with Jimmy Page and Phil May. Compare those two directly, and there’s no question about any of the three.

If I’d found this one earlier, the call for LA would have been a slam dunk, but as it is, you clearly made the right call based on the one you found alone! I’m glad to have set you on the right path with the Swan Song launch parties, but all credit to you for reaching the finish line first!

Another round of props to the archivists at, too, of course. There’s a boo-boo or gap in the record here or there, but if you keep digging long enough, all will be revealed!