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John Paul Jones at home,  1971, my edit of original via

Hair Zeppelin at The Riot House, August 1971 by Jim Marshall, via

John Bonham in Hiroshima, ZEPtember 1971, my edit of original via zeppelin_unseen

John Paul Jones, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page: Led Zeppelin acoustic trio, ZEPtember 3, 1971, Madison Square Garden. 

Red Zeppelin: Robert Plant in Los Angeles, August 21, 1971, by Kevin C. Goff, my edit of original via reddit

Led Zeppelin acoustic trio, ZEPtember 1971, Honolulu. (They played both Zeptember 16 and 17 – I’m not sure which this is from.) Photo by Robert Knight. 


New to me, I believe?

With their award from Music Life Magazine in Japan, ZEPtember 1971. I haven’t been able to pin down the exact date, but most likely around the 23rd or 24th when they were in Tokyo. I have a post from April 2014 (!!!) with each of the boys holding their own plaque, added here. 

I have no idea why Jonesy switched from between a short-sleeved pink-ish polka dot shirt and long-sleeved white-ish one, and is alas no help at all. Certainly nice to see Bonzo change from a t-shirt to his natty blue embroidered dress shirt, with full marks to Jimmy (rocking that sweater vest-blazer combo!) for dressing like he was glad to be getting an award from start to finish. 




Led Zeppelin, March 21 1971, Nottingham Boat Club, to promote the upcoming release of Led Zeppelin IV

The Boat Club. Two appearances there iirc.

The first was April 6, 1969. When they returned in 1971, they played FOR FREE! 

“They saw the Boat as one of the stepping stones to success and wanted to come back and say thanks,” says Club president Keith Atkinson. “It was one of the highlights of Boat Club history. We had to stop people climbing over the balcony to get in.“ via

Robert Plant, November 1971 (Manchester on the 24th?), backstage with Jimmy’s Giannini Craviola 12-string acoustic guitar. 

Jimmy played it onstage during “Tangerine”, from ZEPtember 1971 in Japan through the end of the US tour in June 1972.

(I can’t pin down the date for this photo of Robert any closer than this because he wore that shirt for several November 1971 shows, some of which we’re not sure we have any pictures for….but there were other backstage photos in Manchester, of Jimmy and Jonesy, so it’s a reasonable guess. I’m happy to be corrected, though!)

Hiroshima Peace Park, ZEPtember 27, 1971