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John Paul Jones at home,  1971, my edit of original via

Led Zeppelin ALL DONE. (Except Jonesy. Jonesy still rarin’ to go.)

Hair Zeppelin at The Riot House, August 1971 by Jim Marshall, via

Led Zeppelin, March 6 1971: Dublin, The National Stadium.

Led Zeppelin babies, March 3 1969 at the BBC’s Playhouse Theatre, via ledzeppelin

John Paul Jones, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page: Led Zeppelin acoustic trio, ZEPtember 3, 1971, Madison Square Garden. 

Led Zeppelin acoustic trio, ZEPtember 1971, Honolulu. (They played both Zeptember 16 and 17 – I’m not sure which this is from.) Photo by Robert Knight. 

Pretty boys! John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page, 1969, by Charles Bonnay, via ledzeppelin

Led Zeppelin, March 8 1970, Munich, by Ulrich Handl, via ledzeppelin (with my gentle edits)

A recent thread on Robert’s 1970 cardigan reminded me of this lovely set, with outstanding coverage of Jimmy’s patchwork pants (plus Jonesy’s unabashed admiration of….well, let’s say the pants, shall we?).

And Robert is performing in his socks!!! A ton to love in these photos….



John Paul

April 10, 1970 backstage at Miami Beach Convention Center, by David E. LeVine