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Elton John, Marc Bolan, and Ringo Starr, December 15, 1973

Queen: Japan 1976, via theqoo

Grace Slick (holding what I swear is an Oreo) and Paul Kantner, Jefferson Airplane at Fillmore East, November 29, 1968, by Jeffrey Mayer, via forestdweller

Paul McCartney and John Lennon, December 17, 1961, by Albert Marrion, via beatlesource.

Albert Marrion recalls “This photo session was done for [Brian] Epstein as a friendly gesture against the wishes of my partner… I took about thirty photographs…but discarded all but sixteen negatives because many showed Lennon and McCartney acting up and spoiling the pose. No doubt, those negatives should have been kept, looking back.”

Wow. Just wow.


WAIT WHAT – Freddie and Brian making unusually, uhm, specific, appraisals of each other, and seeming to approve. 

(Edinburgh, September 1, 1976, my edit of original via 

Jimmy Page’s wizard pants. Not a double entendre, but not NOT a double entendre

George Harrison & Pattie Boyd, March 1965, by Henry Grossman

Elton John, 1971, by Michael Putland


Kate Bush, 1978.

Age 19 or 20!

Davy Jones in Australia, 1968, via monkeeslivealmanac