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George Harrison, “Here Comes the Sun”, August 1, 1971

From the Concert for Bangladesh of course. You can see at the beginning how nervous George was! Not only his first solo performance, his first concert appearance at all since 1966, featuring his first performances of his own compositions ever – but here, also for the first time on stage, vulnerable and stripped down to an acoustic guitar. George’s little smile as the audience reaches out to him is priceless.

His duet partner, Badfinger’s Pete Ham, later revealed that they hadn’t even rehearsed! “George just wanted to keep it simple,” he said. After George told him the chord changes, Pete ducked into his hotel room to listen to the version on Abbey Road a couple of times, and that’s all there was time for! 

The result: magic. And beauty and joy and, yes, sun, sun, sun! Here it comes!

(Mi pequeña, está toda bien!)

(Note that by the time you come across this post, the video may have been taken down. It happens. Here’s the YouTube search for you to find another version. Worth the extra clicks!)

Mick Jagger, Paris 1971, by Jean-Marie Périer

Pink Floyd at Pompeii, October 4-7, 1971: Nick Mason in motion

Jim Morrison enjoying Pamela Courson filming a musical instrument shop in Saint-Leu-d’Esserent, France, June 28, 1971, 5 days before Jim’s passing, by Alain Ronay

David Bowie, 1971, by Brian Ward




Led Zeppelin, March 21 1971, Nottingham Boat Club, to promote the upcoming release of Led Zeppelin IV

The Boat Club. Two appearances there iirc.

The first was April 6, 1969. When they returned in 1971, they played FOR FREE! 

“They saw the Boat as one of the stepping stones to success and wanted to come back and say thanks,” says Club president Keith Atkinson. “It was one of the highlights of Boat Club history. We had to stop people climbing over the balcony to get in.“ via

“You call that a natural? That’s a mess!” Afro Sheen commercial from 1971 that aired during Soul Train, in which FREDERICK DOUGLASS HIMSELF (Renny Roker – Lenny Kravitz’s uncle!) schools our young hero (Stanley Clay) on the natural as “an outward expression of pride and dignity.” 

Janis Joplin from the photo session for the cover of her January 1971 album Pearl, by Barry Feinstein (the year’s 4th best-selling elpee)

Patti Smith at New York’s Chelsea Hotel, 1971, by David Gahr

Marvin Gaye at home in Detroit, 1971, by Jim Hendin