Aretha  Franklin joined by Duane Allman for “T…

Aretha  Franklin joined by Duane Allman for “The Weight”, January 1969, a reminder that the Queen of Soul could easily find her away around Rock and Roll. The original version by The Band remains an airplay staple, but stalled at  #63 on the singles chart, while Aretha’s version grooved its way to #19. 

Duane’s slippery slide lead line was very much in keeping with the version he’d recorded with Aretha’s musical director King Curtis the year before, but still sounds mighty fresh here. Massive bottom-end from David Hood on bass rounds this one out. It’s a shame that her version of “The Weight” hasn’t endured as one of Aretha’s most-frequently played tracks, and is too rarely included on lists of her mightiest covers. It sure should be!

Photo sources here: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] The one in the center is the only one I’ve seen a definitive credit for, Stephen Paley, so until one of you tells me otherwise, I’m crediting him for all of ‘em. A pretty remarkable moment in time, I think.