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Fanny on the front of Disc Magazine; c. November 1971

     “…I mean, an all-girl rock group. Since rock-n-roll’s inception it’s been wet seats and screams for masculine idols, moving on to today’s “serious” musicians of rock who still provoke the same response. Girls, until now, have tottered around stage in tight sequined dresses waving their arms about and tinging to male back up musicians– plus a few forgettable female groups with guitars, and a couple of memorable girls with guts in their voices and delivery.
     "At London’s Speakeasy last Thursday the press, television, and radio people were invited to see the all-girl band, Fanny, play. I liked their album but somehow i didn’t believe that they did play on it, male chauvinist pig that I am. But they do and they did and they took three encores.“
     ”…Fanny may have to suffer the “freak show” attitude of audiences- but only once. After that once they could change the face of rock music- again, paving the way for the liberation of the female musician. –GAVIN PETRIE”