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Cool!  New one for me.  My guess is Italy.  It’s so strange to see him in an establishment like this with everyone in suits and professional attire.  It almost looks staged or photoshopped, although I know it’s not.  I wonder what those people thought about Robert sitting at the bar.  Did they whisper or make comments?  Maybe they just ignored him.  The image kind of brings home how the boys felt ostracized at times, especially in the American south.  I think it’s a fascinating pic.

This is indeed Italy 1971! July 5, at Milan’s Sonesta Hotel, before the shit (and teargas!) hit the fan at the show that night. From

An even nicer shot of the shirt at the press conference in the hotel, here:

@firethatgrewsolow​, it turns out that you recently posted another set with this shirt, from later that year at Ipswich (added one of those here for reference):

Are there others? These are the only two dates with it I’m aware of right now, and unlike Ipswich, Robert didn’t wear this onstage at Milan. 

I think you’re also right about how isolated Robert was in that picture.

It’s easy (and fun) to focus on the manic energy around the tours, but there’s no question that the road took a heavy toll.

There were times when the loneliness grated on them all, but Bonzo and Robert most heavily as time went on. 

It got Bonzo in trouble more than once, and I think Robert’s increasing sense of isolation within the band would have led him to leave eventually, even if Bonzo had survived (although perhaps not as quickly if Karac had). 

A story for another day, but this shirt and Milan are colorful reminders that the Led Zeppelin story was always a complicated one!