P. P. Arnold

The pic right above my text is from a set that @soundsof71 posted on Tina Turner and Janis Joplin. Shout out to @spacebass01 for identifying P. P. Arnold as the woman in the white dress in the pic. I hadn’t heard of her before!

She is one lady who has lived. 🤘🏽❤️ According to what I’ve read on the web, she grew up in Watts singing gospel music, and at 17 had an opportunity to try out for the Ike and Tina Turner Review. She got the part and fled from her husband to go on the road with Ike and Tina after an abusive incident on the night of the audition, leaving her 2 children with her parents. (She acknowledged having witnessed Tina Turner in a similar abusive situation and her conflicting thoughts about it in an excellent interview here.)

With the encouragement of Mick Jagger, she left the Turners to stay in London and start a solo career.

She became pretty popular in the UK and worked with a bunch of different artists.

Here she is with Alexis Korner and Julie Felix at a protest rally:

Here she is with Rod Stewart and B. P. Fallon:

Here she is performing with the Small Faces:

She made an album with Eric Clapton and Barry Gibb in the late 60s, but it was shelved when her record label folded. It wasn’t released until 2017, after Arnold had spent the last few decades singing backup and performing in musicals.

(Source: The Guardian)

Next up for her is a new album and an autobiography. (May I also suggest a biopic to anyone with funds who is reading this? 😎😁 I think her story would make an awesome movie.)

Update: the earlier pic identifying P. P. Arnold with The Rolling Stones was actually showing Cleo Sylvestre, according to the woman herself. (See her post below, with an even bigger mistake… 😂😂😂). Thank you for pointing this out, @princeofforests ! (PS, Ms. Sylvestre’s tweet is from June 2017. Nice to know she kept performing! I’ll look into her next.)

Thanks for the original post, and to everyone who’s added to it! #legends