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Very dramatic. Love it. Must’ve been fun to be a photojournalist during this time. ❤️

The sad irony for Led Zeppelin, more than any other artist, is that the photographers’ names are so often lost. I probably spend an hour a day or more looking for credits for LZ photos on Google, in the forums and other message boards around the world, and so often, including for this photo, the photographer’s name just isn’t anywhere to be found.

(Although if any you happens to know it for this one, please share!)

Here’s my humble request to all of us in the fandom: to find photographers’ names where we can, to include them on the posts we make, and to preserve them if they’re in the captions of posts we reblog.

Many of these photographers were teenagers when they started (including James Fortune of the “Robert and the dove” photo and so many others, Laurance Ratner, the first to establish Zep’s legend as performers on US soil, Brad Elterman who so memorably captured Robert playing soccer in a Speedo, and many others). Some never turned pro, either. They were “just” fans. Like us. Acknowledging them is acknowledging the love we share for these musical mages who’ve moved us so deeply – and the visual magic that preserves the history that becomes our future.