the-cosmic-empire: The Beatles press conference at Maple Leaf…


The Beatles press conference at Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto on 17th August, 1965. The Beatles played two shows here on this date. The press conference took place in between the shows. 

Q: “Ringo, how did you propose to your wife.”

RINGO: “Same as anybody else, you know. Are you married? If you’re not married, you’ll find out.”

Q: “I want to be married but I want to do it right.”

RINGO: “You want to do it right?”

JOHN: “Use both hands.”


Q: “I’d like to ask Mr. Lennon why he took up writing and who is his biggest influence in the writing field.”

JOHN: “Uhh, I don’t know why I took it up… and I haven’t got a biggest. I suppose Lewis Carroll.”


Q: “John, is it true that you and Bob Dylan are the same person?”


JOHN: “I didn’t read that article, but I think it’s quite funny. No, we’re not.”


Q: “Do you like the shorter tour this year, as opposed to last year? Does it give you more time to rest?”

JOHN: “Yep.”

GEORGE: “Yeah.”

RINGO: “Yes.”

JOHN: “Yes.”

PAUL: “Yes.”

JOHN: “Yes.”

Q: “What kind of shampoo do you use?”

JOHN: “Anything we can borrow.”


Q: I’d like to know what happened to the color of John Lennon’s hair?“

RINGO: “So would we.”

JOHN: “Well, it’s covered in sweat, you see, so it looks darker than it is. It’s wet. (comic voice) That’s why it looks different.”


PAUL: “He hasn’t got his ‘toup’ on.”

[Extracts from the Beatles Press Conference at Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada on 17th August 1965, from]