amoralto: Top Gear followed a half-hour magazine programme…


Top Gear followed a half-hour magazine programme called The Teen Scene. The edition broadcast the previous week – 9 July 1964 – featured New Musical Express writer Chris Hutchins interviewing John about acting in the new movie [A Hard Day’s Night]. ‘We’re satisfied, but we’re not self-satisfied. There’s a lot which is embarrassing for us, you know. For instance the first bit, which is a drag as far as we’re concerned, because that was the first sort of acting we had done and it looks it. It stands out more than the rest of the film… We know that we’re dead conscious in every move we make… we watch each other. I know Paul’s embarrassed when I’m watching him speak and he knows I am.’

— Kevin Howlett, The Beatles: The BBC Archives: 1962-1970. (2013)