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“The party was at Auntie Gin’s house in Huyton. By now, Paul could afford a marquee in the garden. This is inside the house, where my comedy group, Scaffold, are performing for the guests. John Gorman and Roger McGough are onstage, and I’m photographing reactions to the act. The jokes are
going well with Paul, his girlfriend Jane Asher, and an old school chum, Ivan Vaughn, but John Lennon was so pissed he kept shouting, ‘That’s not funny’ (until Paul told him to ‘Shhh!,’ which he did)…”

[Mike McCartney]

“Despite the fact that Paul was earning more money than we’d ever dreamed about, you can tell it’s a working-class party from the sauce bottles on the table. No pretensions here. Standing with John is Cynthia, trying to keep him in order, but he was so drunk that he even beat up Bob Wooler (a friend!), breaking his ribs. In those days John’s marriage was kept strictly secret from the fans, and it was rare to see him with Cynthia in a photograph.
The lady in the middle is George’s mum, next to her is Harry Graves, Richie’s stepfather, and Pete Shotton is peeping around the post on the right.”

[Mike McCartney]

“Trying to look as though they were frequently at parties in grand marquees are, from left to right, my first girlfriend, Celia Mortimer, Harry and Elsie Graves (Richie’s mother and stepfather), and Harry Harrison, George’s dad.”

[Mike McCartney]

Photos taken by Mike McCartney at Paul’s 21st birthday party on the 18th June, 1963. This was the party where a very drunk John beat up Cavern DJ Bob Wooler after he insinuated things about John and Brian following their recent holiday to Spain together. 

Happy birthday to Paul today! We love you! x 

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